An Unbiased PiYo and Shakeology Review – Week 2

I am not a Beachbody coach or affiliated with one. I am not being compensated for this review. My goal is to provide real information about my experience with this program. I will be checking in weekly and posting my results at the bottom of each entry. For the start of my review, check out Week 1

Today is my first day of week 3 of Beachbody’s PiYo teamed with clean, portioned eating ala the 21 Day Fix. I have been religiously following the workout calendar, drinking vegan chocolate Shakeology and checking in with my accountability group and Beachbody Coach daily.  Now that I am done with week two, I can reflect on what it brought:

PiYo CalendarThe Workouts:

This week rotated the workouts of last week and added in “Core.” As I stated in my last entry, “Upper Body Define” and “Lower Body Define” are not a challenge. I literally feel like I’m cheating on these days, even using the advanced modifications it’s not demanding enough. Thankfully “Sweat” and “Core” are higher intensity, offer more advanced combos and are longer.  The “Core” DVD is abs based and I like that she tells you which part of the abs you are targeting – so many exercises focus on the upper or lower only, she hits the sides, obliques, etc. I also enjoyed some of the creative moves that combined plyometrics with Pilates.

Which brings me to one quick criticism, lots of ads for PiYo claim it’s “low impact with no jumping!”…well, the burpees combined with sumo squats could challenge that. It increases the calorie burn, but it is not a low-impact combo.

Overall: Week two offered a better challenge than week one with the rotation of “Sweat” and “Core.” On the other days I still didn’t feel like I had a great workout, but looking over toward week 3, it appears to phase out “Upper Body Define” and “Lower Body Define.”

The Meal Plan:

Again, the Beachbody coaches are pushing the 21 Day Fix meal plans for all their plans and challenge groups, so that is what I am following. I realized early in the week that I had misread the requirements for protein and had missed a serving a day…not good. Especially since I’m a vegetarian and protein is more challenging to come up with. So review your caloric allotment and the plan with that.

I have been randomly enjoying the meal planning aspect. There is something satisfying about seeing your food in neat little containers and dreaming about when you can eat it all.  This is the recipe I used for week 2, for the bulk of my lunches: Sweet Potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet. Here is a photo of meal planning for my snacks and lunches for the workweek, looks delicious and healthy, huh?

piyo week 2Bakers beware – you will accumulate a LOT more dishes and Tupperware than ever before if you portion everything out at the beginning of the week. This keeps me on track and makes it easy to reach into my stockpile and go, but if you don’t have a dishwasher or have more time before work, you may want to rinse the same Tupperware used for the dish before and reuse it or save your plastic baggies.

I’ve had some headaches over the last week. Perhaps due to the lower calorie intake or the missing protein servings. I am continuing to monitor it.

The wine allotment of three servings of 4 oz a week is still challenging, but I’m making it work. I can also sub in certain chips or chocolate, but so far the wine is winning the 3x/week indulgence.

Overall: Still enjoying the balanced eating that allows for treats such as nut butters and cheese, but I miss my daily chocolate and being able to have more than one glass of wine. It’s a small price to pay for results and at least I get to eat REAL food. Also, getting 4 servings of protein as a vegetarian means getting reeeallly creative.


Not going to lie, I’m starting to crave Shakeology in the morning. I have been making some of the awesome recipes I found on Pinterest (check out some amazing ones here!). Adding peanut butter, mint extract, fruit or a teaspoon of pudding mix is delicious.

The jury is still out on if it delivers all it promises: better energy, faster growing nails and hair, etc. I’ve cut my vitamin intake because of all the nutrients in it. I will keep posting on any good, or bad, side effects.

I also learned how to switch up my subscription, so now I can sample other flavors because as exciting as chocolate daily is, I am going to get bored. I am switching to a multi-flavor package. The good thing is you can get 2-3 flavors of Shakeology so you can find a favorite…the bad is that instead of a 30 day supply like the one flavor bag, it is only 24 servings for the same price. Once It arrives I will decide if it is worth the 6 day deficit.

Overall: Still enjoying the daily Shakeology. Mixing it up with different extracts and add-ins has made it taste more like dessert, which is always nice in my book. Looking forward to trying a new flavor. Worth the cost? Jury is still out…

beachbody challenge groupCoach and Challenge Group:

I am in my second Challenge group on this plan. I was in a free, 5 day challenge my coach ran the first week and am now in a 21 Day Fix one she is managing for the next 3 weeks. The groups are a nice motivation, I felt like skipping a workout and didn’t want to write to the group that I hadn’t done it, so I forced myself into it and felt happier afterwards. There are daily check-ins with fitness, nutrition and I like the other women sharing their successes and struggles. It’s still one of my favorite parts of the program.

Overall: Other than getting a ton of Facebook notifications from the group, I love the Challenge groups and consider them a great benefit to the program. They are keeping me on track and giving me food inspiration.

…and the big ending here…


2.2 lbs. down for 7 lbs. lost in 14 days

Non-Scale Victory (NSV): Even though it’s only 7 pounds, I have less stomach bloat and feel more attractive.

Tune in for a review of week 3 next week. Thanks for stopping by for my unbiased Piyo and Shakeology review!

For the start of my review, check out Week 1

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