Why Blog? Why ABCs?

Hello and welcome to my first foray into personal online writing since Live Journal. Yeah…it’s been forever.

A quick breakdown of me:

I’m a happy, healthy and crafty woman based out of Michigan. I’m married and have two fur babies. I work in an office by day and teach Pilates at night. I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor who is passionate about fitness and nutrition. I also perform frequently in professional theater and dance. I am very social and enjoy planning creative outings for when I go out with my friends or my husband, so I will be sharing date ideas and experiences here. I try to leave the country at least once every year or so and travel, so I hope to post about my exciting adventures as well. And I’ve been a DIY-er my whole life, so expect lots of tutorials and crazy attempts at Pinterest projects.

Why blog?

My friends have been encouraging me to blog for awhile now. People often come to me for travel, recipe, crafting or wellness advice and it seems like I have something to share. My goal is to use this space to share craft tutorials, recipes, workouts and unbiased product and fitness reviews.

Why ABCs?

It was a challenge to come up with a title that covered all my passions.

Adventure – travel, creative dates, new experiences

Balance – wellness, fitness and recipes

Craft – DIY projects, home improvement, etc.

The ABCs came the closest and had a fun acronym. 🙂

I plan to post to this page once a week or more and include a balance of the above. Please subscribe or check back frequently for more fun.

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